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Care groups are our congregation's way for members to get to know each other and care for each other on an ongoing basis. Groups meet at least once per month, and this time is spent over meals and other activities that the group determines. Some of the needs that we help each other out with are prayer requests, moving help, baby showers, and family meals.

Group 1: Doyle / Kochetkov / Wilson (Room 0/0)

Elders: Wood

Group 2: Blakely / Gray (Room 0)

Elders: Clay & Haugland

Group 3: Collado, Clay / Nelson (Room 0/0)

Elders: Holton & Lafferty

Group 4: M&R Jones / Peterson (Room 0)
Elders: Beyer & Massey

For years the Cole Mill Road family has enjoyed meeting for fellowship, support and nurture in smaller, organized groups within the church. Each family and individual is assigned to a Care group that is nurtured by at least one of our elders. These groups serve to support us in times of need and to keep us connected and informed in our church life.

The care groups meet regularly on the fourth Sunday of each month at a time determined by each group. They will often meet more casually at other times and are asked to take their turn supporting the monthly worship service at the Forest at Duke Retirement Community.

The care group ministry is facilitated by Ministry Leaders Carrie Doyle and Bethany Gray.

The Cole Mill Road Church of Christ family has always been enthusiastic about fellowship with one another--staying connected as we spend meaningful time sharing meals and special events and more everyday experiences together.   

This section of the website is designed to facilitate those valuable interactions--perhaps helping them to happen more often and with more people. Through more formal meetings through our Care Groups or through more casual experiences fostered by our new emphasis on Pursuit Groups, we value time together as a vehicle through which God's grace and presence is spread to our lives every day.  We hope that this site will help you to be included as often as you can.



During the school year, a catered meal is provided on Wednesday for members and visitors. It is a wonderful time of fellowship in the middle of the week.

  • The signup lists are for cooks and those that would like to assist in providing the meals.
  • Members should sign up for a meal on the Sunday attendance card or by calling/emailing the church office by noon on Tuesday.