1617 Cole Mill Road Durham, NC 27705 (919) 383-6338 contact@colemillroad.org

Ben Fike 

m fike3

Senior Minister

Ben began work with the Cole Mill Road congregation in the fall of 2018. In addition to preaching and worship planning responsibilities, facilitates a peer mentoring community of younger ministers and is a member of the Racial Unity Leadership Summit (RULS), a national network of church leaders working to promote racial equity and justice in congregations and communities; learned to play drums at age 11 as a consolation prize after breaking his leg skiing.

Sharon Hilliard

Youth & Family Minister

Sharon joined the staff in the summer of 2011; loves guiding teens and children in their faith journeys; serves as Director of Crossroads Preschool; member of Durham-Orange County Preschool Directors Association, Youth Cartel Cohort, and National Youth Ministers Coaching Certification; loves to cook/bake and read books.

Pam Dolejs

m pamChurch Secretary

Pam started work as our church secretary 20+ years ago as a non-member (although you’ll see her at our congregational events from time to time). She is a member at another local church, and serves at the church and in the community. Pam is thankful for a job she loves, wonderful husband, two awesome adult children, sweet dog, and above all – a loving Heavenly Father! Her last name is tricky for some; but the pronunciation is simple -- Dole-ish.

Jorge Aguilera

Latino Minister

JorgeAguileraJorge is a Medical Doctor, graduated from the National University of Honduras. He moved to Durham, N.C. from Honduras in 1997. He has served our Lord Jesus Christ as the minister to the Latino congregation at Cole Mill Road Church of Christ since 1999. For over two decades Dr. Aguilera has lead medical mission trips to Honduras partnering with other congregations and organizations such as Palmetto Church of Christ from S.C., Huntsville Church of Christ from A.L. and Sioux Falls Church of Christ S.D. among others. Jorge and his wife Mirta founded FEBE (Faith, Emmanuel, Benevolence & Education), a non-profit organization that serves low-income families and individuals in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Jorge and Mirta are the proud parents to a son and five daughters as well as grandparents to twelve grandchildren.