Sun, Jan 20, 2019

Who are We? Future Vision

Discussion of the future vision for the congregation led by Wayne Massey and Neil Clay.

Four questions in preparation for Sunday’s Care Group classes:

  1. In view of the concept of "Vision" being defined as "What we want to become?" or a "Dream of what we could be?" -- what is your vision for the future of CMR?

  2. Mission was defined as being able to answer the question--"Why we exist as a church body? or "What is our purpose as the body at CMR?" If our Mission and our Vision spring from beliefs and principles--what scriptures help us in thinking about our Mission and Vision? Is it possible to have a broad Vision and a more narrow Mission as was suggested in class? What are some pro's and con's? Why might these be important questions to consider? 

  3. Knowing we have finite energy and resources at CMR, how do we prioritize? How do we balance our efforts? How might Acts 6 help? Also to consider: Balance efforts locally vs foreign efforts? Do we expect responses from people we are involved with? How do we become competent in telling others about Jesus? What are the barriers?

    Some other passages to consider:
    • Luke 4:18-19
    • Luke 8:38,39
    • Luke 19:9-10
    • Matthew 20:28
    • Matthew 25:31-36
    • Matthew 28:16-20

  4. Where do we go from here?

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