You might be wondering ...

What time do you meet?

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am for Worship, followed by coffee and fellowship, then our Bible Study begins at 11:00am. 

How early should I get there?

Arriving 10-15 minutes early gives you enough time to park, get inside, and talk with friends (or make some friends). 

Where should I park?

There is always ample parking in the lots close to our buildings. The larger building you first see on the right when you enter the parking lot is the worship center. Visitor parking is available next to the entrance.

What should I wear?

You should wear whatever you are comfortable in. It's not a requirement to get "dressed up." If you'd like to dress up you certainly can, but you're also welcome to wear what you wear every day. 

What is the service like?

Our worship at the Cole Mill Road Church of Christ is characterized by the following: 

Leadership: Leadership in worship is not limited to those formally recognized as ministers and elders.  You will see men and women from various walks of life taking active roles such as reading scripture, serving communion, and participating in prayers.  We strive to include all members in our worship in ways that are biblical, orderly and meaningful. 

Singing: As Christians have always done, we sing hymns that honor and praise our Creator and His Son, Christ Jesus. We also sing to encourage one another to live in hope, faith and love. One of the unique things about churches of Christ is our acapella singing. That simply means we sing without accompaniment of musical instruments. Each week we sing a blend of the church's time-honored expressions of faith along with more contemporary songs. We trust you'll find the music both beautiful and meaningful. We hope you'll join us as we glorify God in song. 

The Word of God: Through Scripture God gives us direction for our daily lives and affirms the promise of eternal life. In our service, we will enjoy a sermon, which usually lasts about twenty minutes, when the good news of God's love and Jesus' redemptive life is proclaimed and applied to our lives today. We will also read together and hear God's word read in the course of our worship. 

Prayer: We love our Heavenly Father and we depend on Him, so we offer to Him prayers of praise, confession and petition.  In doing this we follow the example of Jesus who taught us how to pray. 

Sharing the Lord's Supper: Jesus asks His followers to share bread and wine in memory of Him and His life-giving sacrifice for us all. Also called Communion, the Lord's Supper has rich meaning for Christians: We celebrate the presence of the resurrected Lord. We acknowledge the unity of all who eat and drink. And we anticipate the time when Jesus will return to restore all things to God's intended purposes. Small portions of bread and juice will be passed out to everyone where they are seated. Communion is open to all Christians, and we encourage all believers to celebrate their covenant with God by participating with us in this meal. 

The Offering: Members of this church give free-will offerings which are used to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our church, our members and other Christians.  This money is also used to minister to those who do not know God to spread the good news of Jesus in our community and around the world. When the offering plate is passed, our guests are not expected to give but can participate if they so choose. 

Baptism: On some Sundays we are blessed to witness a baptism. Those who come to believe the good news about Jesus begin to love and trust Him. They turn from sin and commit their lives to God by being united with God's Son in baptism. Because of His love for us, God promises to give salvation to all who so express their faith.  


Will you embarrass me in any way?

We certainly hope not! We don't ask visitors to stand up or raise their hand. We will ask you to fill out a guest card so you can tell us how you'd like us to communicate with you in the future. Fill out as much of the card as you feel comfortable doing. 

We will want to extend a warm welcome to you, but we want you to feel comfortable in every way. Our regular attenders may "recognize" that you're a visitor just because they haven't seen you at church before. So, someone may come up to you before or after the service and say how glad they are to see you. They may shake your hand, pat your back and encourage you to come back next week. They're not trying to single you out or pressure you. They are just genuinely glad that you came to worship God and to be with His people. 

Should I bring a Bible?

We will surely refer to the Bible in all of our services. Key verses might be projected on the video screen as well as key points. If you have a Bible, please bring it with you. If you don't have a Bible, that's okay. We also have Bibles you may use. 

Do you have "Sunday School" for adults?

Yes, we have four groups that meet at 11:00. There are greeters in the foyer who will be happy to help you find the class best suited for yo

What if I have questions before or after the service?

Any of our ministers or elders would be happy to help you with any question or need you might want to share. Just ask! 

Where will my infant/toddler go?

The nursery is available for children from birth to three years of age in our nursery, located next to our foyer. We take the safety of children very seriously and have clear nursery policies, including background checks on anyone working with a minor. We hope you find our nursery to be a clean, organized and secure place for your child. 

Where will my elementary child go?

Children (ages 3 through 3rd grade) remain with their parents until the Children's Blessing. At that time, the children will enjoy a worship program downstairs. As with our nursery we take safety seriously during this program and many policies are in place to protect your child.