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We need some introductory text about the MCC and then the top level ministries are described below.

Adult Education 
Pat Daggett
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Building & Grounds 
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Care Groups  
Carrie Doyle, Bethany Gray

The Care Group ministry seeks to provide new members with a home base during Bible class hour and for monthly social gatherings such as Sunday lunch. The congregation is currently divided into three care groups. The groups facilitate more intimate spiritual discussion and sharing of prayer needs.

The care group is also the vehicle for meeting individual members' needs such as moving help, baby showers, and meals or support when recovering from illness. Visitors are welcome to visit different groups during Bible class time and can discuss with the ministry leaders what group seems to be a good fit for them. We hope you will stay after worship and visit our care groups!

Community Service 

Luke & Caroline Smith

Our Benevolence/Community Service Ministry seeks to help those inside, and sometimes outside, our church with specific needs such as with money, food, clothing, time, etc. We recognize that everyone is gifted by God, however, and we seek to work within relationship--both blessing and being blessed through our interactions with others. We often assist people on a one-time basis but are also engaged in ongoing activities as a congregation in service to those in our community.


Anita Holton

This ministry has a lot to do with food and the fellowship that happens when members of the Body gather around a table to eat together. The examples that are seen in Jesus’ ministry of eating meals with close friends as well as acquaintances that weren’t his friends and of feeding crowds of people clearly show that food has historically been a setting for eating, teaching and fellowship. Our Wednesday night meals, our all church potlucks and snack time in between Sunday morning worship and Bible classes are a few examples of times that are planned to carry out ministry.


John & Carol Shoun

The finance ministry is responsible for coordinating the annual budget process and tracking all income and expenses. We provide monthly budget reports, as well as annual tax letters and receipts for charitable contributions. Our goal is to assist the various ministry leaders with timely information that enables them to make informed financial decisions. In this way, everyone contributes to effective stewardship of our financial resources.

Foreign Missions 

Vadim & Emily Kichetkov

CMR's long-standing approach to foreign missions is to seek and maintain partnerships with individuals and institutions that are native to their place of ministry, or are committed to equipping local servants of God's Kingdom. Over the years, these partnerships have tended to emerge and develop organically, through relationships with CMR's members.

Currently, we have partners in Argentina, Ghana, Russia, and Swaziland. Our partners carry out God's Kingdom work in a variety of ways: through teaching and preaching, serving victims of sex trafficking, equipping new generations of ministers, counselors, and businessmen and women through higher education, and lifting souls and spirits through music and song.



The finance ministry is rrmed financial decisions. In this way, everyone contributes to effective stewardship of our financial resources.

Prayer Group 

Evelyn Cameron

Sometimes a believer just needs someone to pray with them. Our Jesus did. When faced with his most difficult hour, Jesus called upon 11 prayer partners to join him as he wrestled in prayer. We all need the power and the peace - the sacred comfort - of prayer.

Since its beginning in 1998, the Cole Mill Road Church of Christ prayer ministry has been an integral part of the congregation. Our ongoing lists of concerns, prayers and praises continues to encourage and galvanize the congregation through weekly emails and periodic prayer gatherings. We continually ask God's guidance and direction for our congregation, the church at large and for all of creation.

Senior Saints 

Emma Davis 

Recognizing the wealth of life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that we have in the senior members of our body, the CMR Senior Saints Ministry is a group of unique individuals who use and share their various talents for mutual growth and service.

We lead, encourage, support, and love through inter generational activities with youth and young adults, service projects for the community, and from time to time sharing of life’s experiences by creating various brochures such as “Words of Wisdom”, “Parenting Wisdom”, and “What We Hope Young Ministers Know about Senior Saints”.

Currently, approximately 25 members of the congregation participate in this ministry. Members meet monthly for fellowship. Although most members are ‘seniors’ the ministry is open to all ages.

Youth and Family 

Sharon Hilliard

Children’s Ministry

At Cole Mill Road Church of Christ our children experience God’s love through the hands of our experienced teachers and caregivers in a safe environment. We offer nursery and Bible classes for all ages of children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Special
activities are planned to promote social and spiritual growth which include holiday family events, Vacation Bible School, and Kids Choir. We incorporate our children into the worship service by offering them the chance to come forward for a children’s blessing time, and then they go to their own kids worship experience for ages 3 years up to 2nd Grade. Our mission is to offer them many opportunities to grow and learn and be a part of the Kingdom of God.

Youth Ministry 

Youth experience opportunities to serve church and community, participate in our weekly worship services, engage in bible study classes, and fellowship together and with the congregation. Each month there are special activities planned that engage youth in discipleship, worship, service or fellowship. These activities range from community service projects or events, mission summer camps, spiritual life retreats in winter and summer, and fun activities that are paired with devotional times in member homes. Our mission is to extend the love of God and equip our youth to be disciples of Christ and to follow Him as the Lord of their lives.


Ben Fike

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