Do you find yourself collecting a lot of “stuff” that you don’t need anymore? Well, the Outreach committee has just the solution to help you out. Cole Mill Road is hosting a Clothing and Goods Giveaway event on August 5, 2017. Between now and August 4th, we’ll be collecting various goods that we’ll be offering to give away to members of our community who are in greater need. All items will be free of charge.

So, what are we hoping to give away? Just about all types of things that other people may need. Items can include clothing, kitchen goods and appliances, tools, electronics, furniture, sporting equipment, gardening supplies, even dish washers! Something not fit into that category? CMR has you covered with a catch-all miscellaneous category. If you think someone else could use it, then we’ll gladly offer it up. We just ask that all the donations be in such a good enough condition that you’d want to give it to someone like your best friend. To help the volunteers, we’d like to ask donors to pre-sort larger quantities of items, if possible (ie: place all infant/toddler clothes in the same bag).

In addition to donations, we also need your help preparing for and running the big event. Preparation for the give-away will happen the Thursday and Friday night before. The giveaway will run between 8AM-12NOON on August 5th. Necessary positions include item organizers/sorters, welcomers, loaders, and a delivery truck and crew for large items.

Please sign-up for your donation pledge and/or your volunteer position. Donations can be placed in the back classrooms in the fellowship building. If there’s something large at your home that you’ll need help bringing to the church, contact Tim Russell or Chris Peterson and they’ll make sure to find someone who can pick up your item(s) before the big event.

 All items unclaimed at the end of the day will be donated to TROSA and go towards helping the nonprofit organization.


Let’s show God’s love to the community, as a strong and graciously giving congregation.