Julie and Jeff will remain in Durham over the next few months as Jeff continues to recover and take part in pulmonary rehab. Julie will take on the role of nurse during the next few weeks which will make it difficult for her to prepare or get meals. We have an opportunity to serve by preparing/bringing food for Jeff, her and her family who might be visiting during the next few weeks.

Julie says that "Jeff is required to eat a 'chopped diet' (chopped, tender meats, casseroles, soft, well-cooked vegetables, cobbler, canned fruits). He loves meat loaf, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and chicken casserole. He does have an aversion to fish."

Address: 2901 Bertland Ave. #1214, Durham 27705 (Clairmont Apartments on Hillandale).
Julie Kelly's phone number is 423-946-2454.
Contact Julie to see which time is best (lunch or dinner).