Welcome, Sojourners!

The Cole Mill Road Church of Christ is a diverse, committed church family who share a wonderful journey of faith.  People from different backgrounds, ages, and life situations--all come together to honor God for His gifts of grace and love. Whether through small, intimate group activities, fellowship events, service projects, studies for all ages, or energetic worship, we are striving to grow together and to learn how our faith informs all that we do.

Our theme "Joy in the Journey" affirms that our faith is indeed a shared journey.  Our logo, which you see at the top, depicts the road on which we are traveling together. This website is offered in an effort to assist you on your way.  Whether you are new to Churches of Christ, new to Durham, or have been a member of the Cole Mill Road Church of Christ for decades, we hope that this site will serve to give you information to connect you to fellow travelers on your journey.

Upcoming Events

September 04 - October 04

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Elders' Meeting
September 13 08:00 am - 09:30 am



IHN Week, September 6-13

This is our next opportunity to host homeless families through IHN, Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Our congregation serves as the host congregation for 7 nights, and we partner with two area congregations for the week's activities.  Our main responsibilities come on Sunday and Wednesday nights, when we prepare food for the families and remain overnight as chaperones.  We also commit to setting up and taking down the guest rooms and other small jobs.  
Please consider how you can be involved, as there are many different ways to help out!  Thanks!